August Wine Club

Aug 18, 2023

Sometimes on hot and muggy summer days it can feel a bit odd to reach for a red wine but if that’s what sounds good, we recommend a Gamay. Time and time again this is one of our favorite Summer red varietals. It’s a varietal that is great with a nice chill on it so be sure to pop it in the fridge for 20-30 mins before serving. Gamays tend to be light to medium in body with refreshing notes of acidity, low in tannins, and bright fruit forward flavors on both the nose and palate. This makes a great pairing for BBQ and all the plentiful seasonal summer produce. We hope you are soaking up these long days and the bounty of our season, here are some Gamay options to cheers it with. These three 100% Gamays are from three very different regions and climates. We always find it so fascinating to see how the terroir can influence the style of a wine.

P. & E. Mullins

2021 Grosjean Gamay

Vallée D’Aoste, Italy

The Vallée D’Aoste is a region in Northern Italy nestled in the Alps just South of Switzerland. It is unique because of the high altitude, steep slopes, and varying microclimates. Working the vineyards is challenging as it needs to be by hand and also rewarding as the wines from this region can showcase a strong sense of identity and individuality. Due to the unique terroir and careful winemaking practices, thoughtful and notable wines are produced here. The Grosjean family have been farming their vines organically since the 1970s and continue to be leaders in the wine industry here. This is a truly impressive Gamay. In the glass it is a beautiful magenta with great clarity. It is light and lively while still having a silky texture. The nose is bright with aromatics of ripe currants and raspberries. There is a mineral streak of earth and soil with red berry fruit and a juiciness on the palate. It is a joy to drink and at only 12.5% alc it can be enjoyed plentifully.

2021 Domaine des Gaudets Morgon Côte du Py

Beaujolais, France

Morgon is one of the ten Cru villages in the Beaujolais region just South of Burgundy and known for producing high-quality Gamay wines. The Côte du Py is a specific hillside within the Morgon appellation, renowned for its distinctive terroir that is entirely granite. The granitic soil gives this wine a regal, powerful intensity, while still preserving its mineral-kissed fruit. From fifth generation winemakers this Gamay has a beautiful expression with notes of violet on the nose and dark fruit notes on the palate. Reminiscent of black cherries, blackberries, and plums. There are some earthy and mineral undertones that add complexity and depth to the wine.

2022 Lucy Gamay Noir

Monterey County, CA

One of the most distinctive features of Monterey County is its wide range of microclimates. The county stretches the length of the cool, foggy coastline of the Monterey Bay to warmer inland areas. This diversity allows for the cultivation of a wide array of grape varietals, each well-suited to specific microclimates. The coastal air brings wind and fog, which allow for cooling effects, along with strong afternoon winds, help maintain the acidity and freshness in grapes, resulting in wines with balanced flavors. Made by the Pisoni brothers, this Gamay is a vibrant violet color in the glass, The wine is equally as alive on the palate. There are aromas of cherry, red currant, cranberry, raspberry, and violets, as well as notes of dried herbs and spice. The wine is juicy with soft tannins and bright acidity that carries throughout.