July Wine Club

Jul 21, 2023

It’s not surprising for us to check the weather when picking out what wine to open up. We’ve always considered ourselves seasonal drinkers. With these long summer days, some styles of wine just taste better! With warmer weather, lighter wines with a chill are more enjoyable on a hot day. Wines with higher acidity feel more refreshing and lively on the palate and can feel zesty and invigorating. Also, this time of year is when we have all these beautiful fresh fruits are in season too, and wines that exhibit fruity flavors truly complement the season. Think of our dinner menus this time of year, they are full of fresh salads and grilling out. The wines we reach for can enhance the flavors of these foods and provide a balanced pairing. This month we are sharing three great summer wines that all come from Spain. So, a little a Spanish summer holiday for us all!


P. & E. Mullins

2021 Alemany i Corrio “Cargol Treu Vi”

Catalunya, Spain

Alemany i Corrio winery is located in the Penedès region in Catalunya. Where the climate is Mediterranean, with warm summers and cool sea breezes, it provides ideal conditions for grape cultivation. The soils in the area are diverse, ranging from limestone to clay, contributing to the complexity and individuality of the wine. The winery is a small, family-run winery, and their production is limited. This exclusivity adds to the wine’s uniqueness and desirability among wine enthusiasts. Known for its commitment to organic and biodynamic farming practices. They prioritize sustainable viticulture, respecting the natural environment and promoting biodiversity. Made of 100% Xarel-lo a varietal primarily used in the production of cava. It is known for its ability to retain acidity even in warm climates, making it suitable for both still and sparkling wines. In the glass this is a clean banana yellow. The wine is bright with citrus notes, and a mineral-driven character. There are flavors of green apple, lemon zest, white flowers, and subtle herbal undertones. It has crispness, elegance, and the ability to age gracefully.

2022 Balea Txakoli Rosé

Basque, Spain

Balea Txakoli Rosé is a unique wine from the Basque region of Spain, specifically from the Getariako Txakolina DO. A Txakoli is a traditional wine style from the region and really there is no other wine like it. Some try and compare it to a Vinho Verde from Portugal, but I really think they are one and their own. The style is light and slightly effervescent. Made with indigenous grape varieties, Hondarrabi Beltza (red) and Hondarrabi Zuri (white). These grape varieties are well-suited to the cool, Atlantic-influenced climate of the Basque region. Even the winemaking techniques are unique; after harvesting the grapes, they undergo a gentle pressing to extract the juice, which is then fermented at low temperatures to preserve freshness and aromatic intensity. In the glass it is a pale and vibrant pink. Its delicate hue adds to its charm and elegance. On the palate it is crisp and refreshing. There are notes of red berries, citrus fruits, and subtle herbal notes. The slight effervescence adds a lively and invigorating quality to the wine, making it an excellent choice for warm-weather enjoyment.

Abel Mendoza Jarrarte Carbonic Maceration

Rioja, Spain

Abel Mendoza is a renowned winemaker from the Rioja region of Spain. His wines stand out as they do not fit the traditional style of Rioja. In this instance, he uses a carbonic maceration method (typical to a Beaujolais Nouveau). This technique involves fermenting whole grape clusters in a carbon dioxide-rich environment before crushing them. The fermentation process starts inside the intact grapes, causing fermentation of the pulp within the skin, this results in fruitier and more aromatic qualities in the wine. Which ultimately make for a great chillable summer red. The wine is a bright juicy red in the glass. There are vibrant and intense fruit flavors, such as red berries, cherries, and plums. The tannins are soft which result in a smoother and more rounded texture. It’s a youthful and approachable wine. It is typically released early to capture the vibrant fruit flavors and maintain freshness. All of Abel Mendoza wines are produced limited quantities, focusing on quality rather than quantity.