What we’re drinking.

Our wine club is 3 bottles, once per month featuring three unique wines. The wines will totally vary, we might feature a single varietal, a region, a winemaker, or just three different wines that were just plain excited to share with you.

November Wine Club

Northern Italy is a melting pop of Western Europe, there is influence from France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia… It is hugged by the Alps and the sea. It has medley of terroir from volcanic to alpine and a range of altitudes. For millennia geological...


October Wine Club

This month we are taking a trip to Bologna in Emilia-Romagna Italy to Federico Orsi/Vigneto San Vito Estate. We loved Federico’s story and we thought it’d be fun to feature solely his wines. Originally from Bologna, Federico moved to Brazil at a young age until his...


September Wine Club

Adult Summer is here, and it is one of our favorite times of year here in our little corner of Michigan. We still have some beautiful warm sunny days that feel like the height of Summer but then we also get those cool breezes and see the colors start to pop in...


August Wine Club

While soaking up the last official month of the summer season, we turn our focus to white wines. It’s interesting as sometimes I get the impression that some find white wine lesser than a red wine. However, I think it is quite the opposite, white wine is more...


July Wine Club

We can’t do a summer wine club without busting out a rosé all-day. Although we have been known to enjoy rosé all year-round, there’s just something that feels so on point to enjoy it at the end of a beautiful summers’ day. You might have heard me, Ellie say before...


June Wine Club

Cheers to Summer! I know it’s been HOT but how fun is it to have summer weather, long days, and beach time again? This month we are featuring fun summer wines! Exciting and easy drinking that go great with a day in the sun and an evening BBQ. Here’s to toasting the...


Our wine club is currently full and we do have a short waitlist started. If you’d like to join the waitlist, please ask Ellie in the shop or email at info@pebottleshop.com

Wine Club

Bottle Shop Wine Club Members will enjoy

  • 10% discount on all retail wines
  • 15% discount is applied to all re-orders of the current month’s Club wines
  • Monthly wines available on the 3rd Friday of each month. On a 5-Friday month (they do happen!) Pick-Up will be adjusted to be on the 4th Friday of that month.
  • All Club dues are processed on the wine club Friday. If you need to update your account information, notify us before this monthly due date.
  • One month’s notice is required for all Club cancellations and changes. That means if you don’t want May’s wines, you will need to notify us by the pickup date in April.

Sign Up Is Closed

Our wine club is currently full and we do have a short waitlist started. If you’d like to join the waitlist, please ask Ellie in the shop or email below.